Sisters, Kelly Noel Juan and Nikki Noel founded their long time dream MINT BY NOEL in 2013, and currently act as the Creative Directors of the brand.

Born in California, Kelly and Nikki stem from a long line of artist ranging from painters, sculptors and photographers.  The sisters combined their love for art and fashion to create their jewelry line, MINT BY NOEL.

With over 20 years combined working hand and hand with customers, they learned the value of fashionable quality and comfortable pieces.  MINT BY NOEL was inspired by living your life to the fullest!  MINT BY NOEL is a fusion of Kelly's feminine boho-chic style and Nikki's bold urban glam.

"We always get asked about how we came up with MINT BY NOEL for our name.  We wanted something that was both of us, something we shared together, so naturally our last name was perfect [Kelly's maiden name]."  But what is MINT?  "We wanted a word that described us, that could grow with us and our style, MINT.  MINT stands for trendy, hot, crisp, current, fresh and now!  We thought how perfect is that?!  That is exactly how we describe our designs!" - Nikki Noel, Co-Founder and Creative Director.